Gonella Productions

Gonella Productions



LANGUAGE: Spanish | SUBTITLES: English

Genre: Sci fi, Drama
Running Time: 29:46
Year of production: 2019


In a futuristic world, where the Council of the Society has control over all citizens, Liz tries to lead a quiet life, while her boss harasses her, and the couple assigned to her is not very determined to renew their relationship.


Production Company: FilmSFX & The Bloop Films
Film exports/World sales: Gonella Productions


Liz: Mariana Gajma, Mr. Randall: Juan Luis de Filpo, Greg: Miguel Rodriguez, John Doe: Edgar Reyes


Director: Miguel Salinas
Screenwriter: Genevive Valentine
Producer: Grace Amabile & Miguel Salinas
Director of Photography: Miguel Salinas
Sound: Cesar Chiquito
Editing: Miguel Salinas
Sound Editing: Miguel Cañizo
Music Composer: Robin Fencott & Luis Sandoval


Genre: Sci fi
Sub-genre : Drama
Language : Spanish
Country of origin : Mexico
Year of production : 2019
Total running time : 29:46
Shooting format : RAW DNG
Color type : Color
Aspect ratio : 16:9
Sound format: 5.1


Best shorts competition 2019 winner award of merit film short
Best shorts competition 2019 winner award of recognition liberation/social justice/protest
Best shorts competition 2019 winner award of merit Latin/hispanic


Gold movie awards 2019 finalist best special effects
Gold movie awards 2019 finalist best costumes
8° festival de cine México/Alemania 2019
8° Resistencia film fest 2019
Highest commendation Asia south east short film festival 2019
IX Festival iberoamericano de cortometrajes ABC 2019
8th Delhi shorts international film festival 2019
Trash film festival 2019
First time filmmaker sessions 2019
Honorable jury mention 7th Indian cine film festival 2019
Central Florida cine fest 2019
Parana films festival 2019
Lift off Global network first time filmmaker sessions 2019
Semi finalist International moving festival 2019
15th international short & independent film festival 2019
The bebop channel content festival 2020
Esto es para esto/Muestra de sociedad y distopia 2020
Festival de cine con riesgo 2019
Finalist Flickfair 2020
Best of latin america short film festival 2020
Lift off global network sessions 2020
Helan Hong golden tree international film festival 2020
MUCCI short film festival 2020
Festival internacional cultural tierra adentro FICTA 2020
4th Indian world film festival 2020
4th Sylhet film festival 2020
Lift off Global network first time filmmaker sessions 2020
The king review festival 2020
Universal film festival 2020
Festival internacional de cine de america en Hidalgo 2020
5° festival internacional de cine de la no-violencia activa 2020
Esto es para esto 2020
Bayelsa intarnational film festival 2020
Espanto 2020
The international TV broadcasters and independent producers festival SIMFEST 2020


Filmmaker with more than 28 years of experience as a filmmaker, post producer and animator. Founder of the FilmSFX production company. Winner of several international awards, such as the first place in England in the MOCAP contest organized by Autodesk and Animazoo, Best visual effects for the short film ILUMINATI in The 360 Filmmakers, and recently the Quetzal award for Best Animated Short Film at the 4th International Festival of Quetzal Cinema.