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    25 janvier 2020

    LANGUAGE: English SYNOPSIS Perth grandmother Shirley Affleck reflects on a life well-lived and the lessons learned along the way with her husband of 67 years. PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION Production Company: Symmetry Media Film exports/World sales: Gonella...


    21 janvier 2020

    LANGUAGE: English SYNOPSIS Anthony, a car accident survivor pines for the woman he left from a lustrous affair many years ago. After failed efforts to interact with other women, Anthony spirals down a destructive path of distant memories and desperate...


    21 janvier 2020

    LANGUAGE: No dialogue SYNOPSIS A meditation of the "Defenestration of Prague" in 1618. This event sparked the start of the Thirty Years War - a religious conflict which killed close to a third of the population of central Europe, and set its cultural...


    20 janvier 2020

    LANGUAGE: Spanish | SUBTITLE: English SYNOPSIS A woman talks in her card with a friend while thinking about the chores she has to complete that day. As the conversation progresses, we discover the woman's obsessed with her husband's cheating, the pain...


    20 janvier 2020

    SYNOPSIS A New York couple looks back on their relationship from the day they met to the day they split. Seeing the same moments from both perspectives, On Second Thought ponders how love can beat the odds when love is 50/50 and hindsight is 20/20. PRODUCTION...


    20 janvier 2020

    LANGUAGES: English, Spanish | SUBTITLES: English, Spanish SYNOPSIS The middle-aged students of a private English school in Havana have very diverse aspirations, but all want to learn English in order to be prepared for a future of normalized relations...


    20 janvier 2020

    LANGUAGE: English SYNOPSIS Jappan reflects on his South Asian upbringing when his mother freaks out about him “living in sin.” From Jappan is The Wonder Years meets Hey Arnold told from an Indian-American perspective. Set in the late 90's to early 2000's,...

  • CRY

    20 janvier 2020

    LANGUAGE: No Dialogue SYNOPSIS CRY shows how grief tears a couple apart. We first follow the woman in her longing for her dead child - then her husband in his feelings of being left out. An all encompassing cry is what's needed for the family to be reconciled....

  • EVA

    20 janvier 2020

    LANGUAGE: Spanish | SUBTITLES: English SYNOPSIS Eva hides a terrible secret and her mother judges her mercilessly. She will never forgive her for stealing her man, but in reality, Eva has been a victim of multiple rape assaults and her mother has kept...


    20 janvier 2020

    LANGUAGE: Portuguese, Chinese | SUBTITLES: English SYNOPSIS Behind their slanted eyes, immigrants carry with them their ancient traditions. Chinese pray, runs, Chinese do the samba. Chinese people it´s all the same. PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION Production...


    20 janvier 2020

    LANGUAGE: Cantonese | SUBTITLES: English SYNOPSIS Failed to fight rampant sexual criminals, the city legalized a series of unwilling sexual ordinances to avoid resistance. In addition, sentence reduction would be offered to whom shows sincere apology...


    20 janvier 2020

    LANGUAGE: Spanish | SUBTITLES: English SYNOPSIS Alicia has buried her husband's body in a remote place. She remains trapped after an incident with her car. While searching for help, she stumbles upon the humble home of Rosalba, a woman who hides a dark...

  • SARS

    10 février 2021

    LANGUAGE: English SYNOPSIS A young boy grapples with his fear of death after coming down with SARS symptoms during a 2003 outbreak of the disease. Runtime: 5’ 56” Completion Date: March 4, 2017 Format: B&W, Super 16mm Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Country: USA

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