Gonella Productions

Gonella Productions



LANGUAGES: Portuguese | SUBTITLES: English

A Team of Two
Time de Dois

Genre: Fiction
Running Time: 11 minutes
Year of production: 2021


Flávio and Wendel are from the same soccer school and they share the dream of being a professional soccer player. Flávio is having doubts whether he should keep trying and when he thinks about quitting, Wendel realizes that what they feel for each other might be more than just friendship.


Production Company: Caboré Audiovisual
Film exports/World sales: Gonella Productions


Firmino Brasil
Thásio Igor
Célia Melo
Leonardo Prata
Wallace Martin
Artur Sousa


Director: André Santos
Screenwriter: André Santos
Producer: André Santos, Babi Baracho
Director of Photography: Johann Jean
Sound: Herison Pedro
Editing: Pipa Dantas
Sound Editing: Ricardo Felix
Music Composer: Rico Dalasam, Rogerinho Lucarino


Genre: DRAMA
Sub-genre: ROMANCE - LGBTQ - GAY
Language: Portuguese
Country of origin: Brazil
Year of production: 2021
Total running time: 11 minutes
Shooting format: 3K
Color type: Color
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Sound format: 5.1


- 33rd The New York LGBTQ Film Festival (USA)
- 28th Festival de Cinema de Vitória (Brazil)
- 25th Cine PE (Brazil)
- 32nd Honululu Rainbow Film Festival (USA)
- 23rd FestCurtasBH (Brazil)
- 29th Festival Mix Brasil of Culture and Diversity (Brazil)
- 19th Festival de Cortos de Bogotá - BOGOSHORTS (Colombia)
- 20th Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Cine Alternativo de Benalmádena (Spain)
- 21th Curta-Se - Festival Iberoamericano de Cinema de Sergipe (Brazil)
- 10th Rio Festival of Gender & Sexuality (Brazil)
- 18th Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Oberá en Cortos (Argentina)
- 14th Black Cinema Meeting Zózimo Bulbul - Brazil, Africa, Caribbean and Other Diasporas (Brazil)
- 15th For Rainbow Festival de Cinema e Cultura da Diversidade Sexual e de Gênero (Brazil)
- 17th Festival Internacional de Cine LesBiGayTrans (Paraguay)
- 8th Recifest – Festival de Cinema da Diversidade Sexual e de Gênero (Brazil)
- IX Curta o Gênero (Brazil)
- 21st Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival (USA)
- 10th Atlanta Black Pride Film Festival (USA)
- 11th Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest (UK)
- 13th Reel Out Charlotte Film Festival (USA)
- 8th Internacional Queer Film Festival Playa del Carmen (Mexico)
- 9th PrideArts Film Fest (USA)
- 6th Kunta Kinte International Afro-descendants (Colombia)
- III Beyond Time Genre Awards (Canada)
- VII FICCA - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Caeté (Brazil)
- III Mostra Quelly (Brazil)
- 4th Mostra Sesc de Cinema (Brazil)
- 2nd Last Frame Queer Fest (UK)
- 3rd Las Vegas Queer Arts Film Festival (USA)
- 2nd Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Cine Mundo Online (Argentina)
- 3rd Apatzingán Fesitval International de Cine (Mexico)
- 1st Al Borde Festival Internacional de Cine Transfeminista (Colombia)
- Rome Prisma Independet Film Awards (Italy)
- 5th City Blue Films Awards (Spain)