Gonella Productions

Gonella Productions



LANGUAGE: Spanish | SUBTITLES: English

Genre: Science Fiction
Running Time: 14:34
Year of production: 2018


In a city governed by an authoritarian regime, propaganda spreads the extinction of nature. Sam, a 28-year-old, works at the National Communication Center as the producer of the government newscast. One day her boss, Victoria, assigned her to make a special on the Ministry of Food for its anniversary. While investigating for the report, her curiosity beats her and she ends up discovering a storage with plants in the ministry. Now Sam questions the real intentions of the regime and her responsibilities as a communicator.


Production Company: Lumav Films (fictional company) All rights under Mónica Franco Miranda.
Film exports/World sales: Gonella Productions


Yael Salazar – Samantha Díaz
Claudia Barrionuevo – Victoria Fournier
Francisco Rodríguez – Announcer
News crew
Priscilla Hidalgo
Romel Chavarría
Suna Jung
Sofía Blanco
Roberto Guevara
Andrés Araya
Fernando Pérez – Doctor
Irvin Reyes – Scientist
Melany Mora – Scientist
Antonio Yglesias – Minister of Food


Director: Valeria Brenes
Screenwriter: Valeria Brenes & Monica Franco
Producer: Monica Franco
Director of Photography: Camila Urrutia
Sound: José Lopez
Editing: Alejandro Mederas and José Pablo Castrillo
Sound Editing: Natalia Guzmán and Abraham Arce


Genre: Science Fiction
Sub-genre: Dystopian, Authoritarian Regime, Environmental
Language: Spanish
Country of origin: Costa Rica
Year of production: 2018
Total running time: 14:33
Shooting format: Pro Res 422 HQ
Color type: Rec 709
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Sound format: Stereo


• Platinum Award Best Sci-Fi Short – Independent Shorts Awards (USA-CA | Nov. 2018)
• Best Sci-Fi Short & Best Sound Design – Indie Short Fest (USA-CA | Feb. 2019)
• Honorary Mention – Lúdico Latin-American Short Film Festival (Costa Rica | Jun. 2019)


• Independent Short Awards – Best Sci-Fi Short | CA, USA | Nov. 2018
• The Central American Film Festival – Short Film Competition | Vienna, Austria | Nov. 2018
• NOX Film Fest – International short competition | Uruguay | Jan. 2019
• Indie Short Fest – Best Sci-Fi Short, Best Sound Design, Best Costume Design | CA, USA | Feb. 2019
• San Diego Latino Film Festival – Narrative short competition | CA, USA | Mar. 2019
• Houston Latino Film Festival – Short Film competition | TX, USA | Mar. 2019
• Costa Rica International Film Festival – National Short Competition | Costa Rica | Apr. 2019
• Sci-Fi London Film Festival – Short film competition | UK | May 2019
• Lúdico Latin-American Short Film Festival – Costa Rican & Latin-American awards | Costa Rica | Jun. 2019
• Festival de Cinema Latino-Americano de São Paulo – Mostra Escolas de Cinema CIBA-CILECT | Jul. 2019
• Vancouver Latin American Film Festival – Short film competition | Canada | Aug. 2019
• Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival – Short Live Action Narrative | CA, USA | Sep. 2019
• Oaxaca FilmFest – Short Narrative, New Industry Selection | Mexico | Oct. 2019
• Shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival – Made in Costa Rica, Churchill Section | Costa Rica | Oct. 2019
• Central American International Film Festival – Short films competition | CA, USA | Nov. 2019
• The Lift-Off Sessions – Short Live Action Narrative | UK | Jan. 2020
• First-Time Filmmaker Sessions – Short Live Action Narrative | UK | Jan. 2020


Valeria Brenes graduated in direction at the Film and Television School of Veritas University in Costa Rica, where she made the short films Nosotras Dos, Vida en Lienzo and Toma Única. Valeria is known for her sensitive look and special attention to detail. Her sensitivity towards the world, people and their stories have led her to initiate projects with current themes. Her great concern for the environment is denoted in her work. Valeria is currently working on her first feature film, an expansion of Hidden Life’s universe.