Gonella Productions

Gonella Productions



LANGUAGES: English/Japanese | SUBTITLES: English


Running Time: 25 minutes
Genre: Crime Romance
Format: 4K
Aspect Ratio: 2:39
Language: English and Japanese (with English and Japanese subtitles)


Inspired by true events, The Interpreter follows a fledgling love triangle between Jacob, an American man seeking to date a Japanese woman, Hiromi, and Kaito, their Japanese-American interpreter in Tokyo, Japan. As Kaito tries his best to maintain his polite and professional boundaries as a hired third party, his genuine chemistry with Hiromi becomes harder for him to ignore. Bonding with Hiromi over cosplay in their native language feels more real to him than the flirty, but strained interactions Kaito has to connect between Jacob and Hiromi. As Kaito spends more time with the two, he starts to get the unsettling feeling that something is amiss. Someone is not who they seem to be and it is up to Kaito to forgo his backseat role and take action when he realizes manipulation, deceit and danger are in play.