Gonella Productions

Gonella Productions



Genre: Dramatic comedy
Running Time: 19:52
Year of production: 2015


All is not well with Mia Warren in this day-in-the-life profile of a beautiful, yet troubled, young Hollywood starlet attempting to regain her once lofty status in the business of show.


Fallen young actress Mia Warren’s appearance on a popular late night talk show in NewYork is an attempt to introduce the "new Mia" to the public. But, instead, she arrives inebriated and the event is an unmitigated disaster. Robyn (Mia's manager) is up-in-arms and blames Grace (Mia’s publicist) for the mishap. Mia’s agent, Larry, laughs off the event as he no longer takes his troubled client seriously. Mia invites two young fans (Herman and Becca) back to her hotel room where she continues partying well into night. Depressed and lonely, she ponders her fledgling career with the two “besties,” desperately seeking understanding and a path forward. The awkward pair prove to be utterly unhelpful, until they accept Mia's bizarre proposal of a threesome. The next day, Mia is offered a role in a low-paying indie film. Although insulted by the pathetically low pay, she accepts the offer, as she is quickly going broke. She goes shopping with her mother, Cheryl, whose favorite pastime is spending Mia's dwindling funds on designer clothing. A distressing encounter with a young autograph seeker sends Mia into a fit of depression. At a cafe in SoHo, she eats an entire banana split on her own, sending her mother into a tizzy. Distraught and emotional, Mia admits that she is still struggling and may need to go back into rehab. But Cheryl talks her out of it, selfishly manipulating her insecure daughter, as she has always done. Mia drowns her sorrows in ice cream with a depressing revelation: despite being an internationally recognized movie star, Mia Warren is clearly all on her own.


Production Company: Mad Rocket Films, LLC
Film exports/World sales: Gonella Productions


Mary Elaine Ramsey
Matt Walton
Kelly Kirklyn
Jackie Debatin


Director: Sean Skelton
Screenwriter: Sean Skelton
Producers: Sean Skelton, Kelly Kirklyn
Director of Photography: Charles Debold
Sound: Brion Snyder
Editing: Sean Skelton


Genre: Drama
Sub-genre: Dramatic comedy
Language: English
Country of origin: USA
Year of production: 2015
Total running time: 19:52
Shooting format: RED
Color type: Color
Aspect ratio: Wide
Sound format: Stereo


Best TV Drama - Independent Television Festival
Best Writing - New York Television Festival
Best Comedy Short, Best Actress Short - NoHo CineFest


Independent Television Festival
New York Television Festival
NoHo CineFest
Director’s Circle Festival of Shorts
Liftoff Global Network - Paris
Liftoff Global Network - Tokyo
HollyShorts Monthly Screening Series