Gonella Productions

Gonella Productions



LANGUAGE: Mandarin | SUBTITLES: English

Genre: Drama - LGBTQ
Running Time: 11 minutes
Year of production: 2018


Because she couldn't put up her feelings for Chih-Yun, A-Ding ran to the gas station where she worked, and tried to make up with her. But A-Ding's persistence and willfulness made it awkward. The only thing she could do is to leave alone.


Selected by the 11th Bangalore Queer Film Festival (2020/ India)
Selected by the 41th Golden Harvest Awards in student short (2019/ Taiwan)
Selected by MOD Microfilm & Golden Short Film Contest for the best actress, the best script and the best student short (2018/ Taiwan)

Title Once
Year 2018
Length 10”52
Genre Fiction Short (Romance)
Format 1920*1080 Full HD/ Stereo/ Color/ 16:9
Director HSIEH, Li-Ling (謝麗伶)
Nation Taiwan(R.O.C)
Language Mandarin
Actor/ Role WANG, Yu-Ping(王渝屏)/ A-Ding
CHEN, Tzu-Yu(陳子玉)/ Lee Chih-Yun