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LANGUAGES: Mongolian & Chinese | SUBTITLES: English


A Mongolian single mother fights to save her son who is about to be executed, only to discover that the absence of justice is crushing her life.


Year of Production: 2019
Country of Origin: USA
Format: Digital / DCP
Video: 1920*1080 Prores
Audio: 5.1 / Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Running Time: 14min30sec
Genre: Drama
Sub-genre: Social Drama
Language: Mongolian & Chinese


“You don't write because you want to say something. You write because you have something to say.” As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, my works have always been about what I have to say to the world as a female Asian filmmaker. The childish dream of mine to be an evil-defeating policewoman when I was little continues to carry its weight in my artistic vision today.
Kneeling Sheep is a social drama based on a true story happened in my hometown to a poor Mongolian family. As a Mongolian minority myself, I feel the responsibility of telling the stories of my people to the world. Unjust must be heard in order for justice to arrive.


Mother: Hong Mei
Chagan: Namar
Sergeant Wang: Baolige
Police Girl: Havrqeqege
Lee Yi: Hongyang Lv


Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (CA)
Air Canada Short Film Award

InnovAsian Film, Screenplay & Music Contest (US)
Best Filmmaker

Asians on Film (US)
Best Actress (2020)
Best Actress (Spring)
Best Cinematographer (Spring)
Honorable Mention: Best Drama (Spring)

Changing Face International Film Festival (AU)
Best Short Drama (May)
Independent Shorts Award (US), August
Platinum Award: Best Female Director
Platinum Award: Best Short Drama
Platinum Award: Best Editing
Platinum Award: Best Actress
Gold Award: Best Cinematography
Gold Award: Best Acting Ensemble
Runner-up: Best Film of the Month

Prague International Indie Film Festival (CS), 2nd Quarter
Best Female Director
Best Cinematography
Honorable Mention: Best Short
Honorable Mention: Best Screenwriter
Honorable Mention: Best Editing
Honorable Mention: Best Costume Design

Short to the Point (RO), October
Best Drama
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography

Indie Short Fest (US), December
Best Female Director
Best Student Indie Short
Runner-up: Best Foreign Langue Short

Under the Stars International Film Festival (IT)
Special Mention: Best Short Movie

Utah Film Festival (US)
Best Director
Best Non-English Short

Changing Face International Film Festival (AU)
Best Screenwriter (2019)
Best Drama Short (2019)

WorldFest Houston International Film & Video Festival (US)
Remi Award

Jelly Film Festival (US)
Best Picture
Best Screenplay
Best Live Action Short

Official Selections:
NYC Independent Film Festival (US)

Chinese American Film Festival (US)

Global University Film Awards (CH, HK)

San Jose International Film Festival (US)

Nepal International Film Festival (NP)

Golden Door International Film Festival (US)

Humboldt International Film Fest (US)

Santa Fe Film Festival (US)

Beaufort International Film Festival (US)

Izmir International Short Film Festival (TR)

Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (US)

Yountville International Film Festival (US)

North Europe International Film Festival (GB)

National Film Festival for Talented Youth (US)

Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival (NL)

Up and Coming International Film Festival (DE)

Sydney Indie Film Festival (AU)

Lonely Seal International Film, Screenplay and Music (US)

Setting Sun Film Festival (AU)

Cine X Independent Film Festival (US)

AFMA Film Festival of Young Cinema (US)

Capital City Film Festival (US)

L.A. Short Awards (US)

DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival (US)

Victoria TX Indie Film Fest (US)

Riverside International Film Festival (US)