Gonella Productions

Gonella Productions



LANGUAGE: No dialogue

After a breakup, a young woman prepares to leave her partner, but faces resistance when she tries to take the one thing he's not ready to give up.

Production Company: Redwulf Films
Film exports/World sales: Gonella Productions

David Carrozzo (Will)
Leila Nashef (Megan)

Director: Bruno Catarino
Screenwriter: Bruno Catarino
Producer: Louise Johnson
Director of Photography: NA
Production Designer: Chika Ekemezie
Sound: Sam Grant
Editing: Bruno Catarino
Sound Editing: Bruno Catarino
Music Composer: Claire Batchelor

Genre: Drama
Sub-genre: Romance
Language: NA (silent)
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year of production: 2018
Total running time: 2:43
Production format: Digital
Color type: Colour
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Sound format: AIFF

Troy International Film Festival
InShort Film Festival

I was born in Portugal, in a small town 70 Kms south of Lisbon. At 18, I really wanted to work in film, but back then, film was a career with no future in Portugal, so I opted for the safety of IT, having graduated and worked as a Software Developer for the past thirteen years.
However, during that period, I had these voices in my head telling me stories. I tried to shut them down, but with time, they grew louder. When I finally moved to London, the voices were too loud to ignore. I decided to learn the craft of screenwriting.
I wrote more than a handful of shorts and a couple of features in several different genres. The first one was Humans Like Us, an ensemble sci-fi drama, which I later adapted as a TV pilot. I also wrote the psychological horror Second Born, the crime drama The Last Day of Autumn, and researching for an historical drama/epic.
At some point in my writing career, writing was not enough anymore, so I started collaborating with other filmmakers to get some experience on set. I’ve helped with the web-series Ghost Keeper, initially just lending a hand on whatever was needed, but ended up directing several episodes.
Wanting to get my own work made, I wrote, crowdfunded, directed, produced and edited my first short film, For the Children (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5419172), which was a painful but a fantastic learning experience. Each of those roles taught me valuable lessons about filmmaking.
I also collaborated with a writer/producer on two shorts: Forgotten Things (which I also wrote), and Uncle Ted, and we're in talks to work together on a third short written by her.
I'm currently on post-production for my latest short Fade to Black, as well as writing Four of a Kind, a contained thriller that I intend to be my debut as a feature director.
Among my main directing and/or writing references are Darren Aronofsky, John Ford, Billy Wilder, Frank Capra, David Fincher, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Edgar Wright, Steven Spielberg, and Rod Serling.