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'…You mean all this time, we could’ve been friends?”
Adoni Carter begins a new job at a local restaurant, only to find herself thrown into a girl world where only she doesn’t know the rules. She goes head-to-head with the restaurant’s queen bee and things get ugly, fast, as a fight to the death for alpha status ensues...


Oniros Film Festival Official Selection 2018 and Award Winner: Honorary Mention: Best First-Time Directors Jordan Dueck and Kristina Hampton; Best Actress Kristina Hampton
Canada Shorts Official Selection 2018 and Award of Distinction


Directed by Jordan Dueck and Kristina Hampton
Written by Kristina Hampton
Produced by Natalie Farrow and Kristina Hampton

Adoni: Kristina Hampton
Penelope: Abbey Dutton
Danae: Laura Geluch
Kassandra: Brenna Llewellyn
Cybele: Hailey Foss
Damien: David Holmes Watkins

DOP: Marco Bossow
1st Ad: Matt Popp
Steadicam Op: Jesse Andreyartha
Key Stunt Co-Ord: Irma Leong
Editor: Jordan Dueck
Prod Coordinator: Camila Grillo
2nd AD: Amy Dauer
1st AC: Lena Vinogradova
2nd AC: Connor Lang
Gaffer: Adam Zed
Speciality Lighting Coordinator: Shane Ellis
Script Supervisor: Warut Boonyaleephun
Script Supervisor Assistant: Reanna Cameron
Key Grip: Shane Ellis
Dolly Grip: Slatie Chu

Executive Producers: Jordan Dueck and Kristina Hampton
Post-Sound and Dialogue Editor: Emma Duggan
Production Sound Mixer: Vlad Fedulov
Colourist: Jordan Dueck
Production Designer: Nadine Watkins
Art Director: Jennifer Laporte
Digital Imaging Technician: Alsandair Toms
Key Makeup and Hair: Kyla Braun
Makeup and Hair: Paisely Lezard and Linda Liao
VFX: Jordan Dueck
Costumes: Karyna Barros and Alisha Rempel
Props Assistant: Jane Spencer
Key PA: Braydon Langford
Photographer: Matt Reznek
BTS Videographer: Seth Bergen
Kitchen Girl 1: Shona Struthers
Kitchen Girl 2: Jenessa Galbraith
Restaurant Patron 1: Melanie Evelyn
Restaurant Patron 2: Aixa Alkusayer
Restaurant Patron 3: Beatrice Armstrong
Song Credits
‘’Run’’, ‘’Savour” ‘’Ex to the Next’’ Kayln Mackinnon

Special Thanks
Manu Chopra
Trocadero Restaurant
Motion Array


Kristina has been a cinephile, a writer, and an actor for as long a she can remember; probably starting with rolling around in her garden with toy guns playing the spy, the soldier, the sergeant, you name it, as soon as she could say ‘action!’

She grew up in Leipzig, Germany, where she started extra-curricular drama at age 9. After studying theatre and screen at both Warwick University in the UK and the University of British Columbia, Kristina immigrated to Vancouver and began pursuing her film and stage career full-time.

Kris adores many forms of storytelling alongside acting, including screenplay, play and poetry writing, directing, and joke-telling. She’s still perfecting the art of the punch line.

This film is her directorial debut. Having been unsure whether she'd enjoy directing or not before filming Cloaks and Daggers, she can now say with full confidence that she ADORES bringing a film together from the director's chair. Immersing herself in every department on this production, Kristina has spent the last year learning all realms of film-making, from the hiring of the crew (she aims to see more and more women behind and in front of the camera as long as she has the pleasure of hiring people on her sets), down to the shot list, Kristina's vocation is without a doubt in the filmmaking industry.

She couldn’t be more excited to help push for a shift in focus onto female relationships (especially female conflict resolution) with Cloaks and Daggers; and she cannot wait to share this story with you!

Director Statement

Making film with a story that not only centres around women, but involves women in many major aspects behind the camera and (hopefully) invites female audiences to engage with and reflect on has been my priority for this film. Starting as a poem entitled ''Tongues'' about the power of words between women, and inspired by films like ''What Ever Happened to Baby Jane'' and shows such as ''Big Little Lies'' and ''Feud'', this film aims to address why and how women fight. I am extremely interested in Greek history and mythology, back to times where women would fight at the head of the army and gods would contemplate the metaphorical murder of a foe, and wanted to incorporate these aspects into a very real scenario of female feud. There are many elements to be spotted within both worlds displayed in the film, and I hope Cloaks and Daggers takes you on a journey that gives you few answers, but raises many questions within you.