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In a mysterious town, a curious young girl, Alex, runs away from her mother. Venturing into an intriguing antique shop, she discovers a miniature world with a dark secret.

Searching for the independence of adulthood, the young girl Alex discovers a miniature model town possessing sinister powers. A new reality presents itself. Can Alex escape or will she be forever trapped amongst the featureless faces of the town’s plastic people? Beyond Horizons is a visually striking tale of magical realism that will lure the viewer into an experience of childhood wonder, mystery and horror.

Alex is an eleven-year-old girl travelling on a train with her mother Jennifer. On the cusp of adolescence, Alex yearns to have freedom and be unshackled by the restrictions of being a child. When their train makes an unscheduled stop at an old town station, Alex seizes the opportunity to run away from her mother. Discovering an old antique shop called Beyond Horizons, she enters the shop and is soon being lured into the labyrinth of antiques and curiosities. Investigating the shop further, she discovers a haunted miniature model town that holds dark secrets and stark truths. Can Alex escape the curse of the haunted miniature model town? Or will she be forever trapped amongst the featureless faces of the town’s plastic people?


Genre: Mystery – Drama
Run time: 12:46min
Year: 2018
Country: UK
Language: English
Aspect ratio: 2:35
Resolution: 1080p


Ava Bounds as Alex
Frank Ryan as The Creator
Kelly Wood as Mother
Tony Streeter as Train Conductor

Director: Stefan Wink

Writer: Christopher Gennard

Producer: Sungjun Youn

Cinematographer: Gian Piero Pottieri

Production Designer: Megan Beattie

Editor: Koninica Dasgupta

Music Composer: Justin Cavenagh

Sound Designer: Alexander Garside

Line Producer: Margherita Catalani

Production Manager: Diara Diakhoumpa

1st Assistant Director: Laury Herubel

2nd Assistant Director: Tobias Gregory

Casting Director: Guillermo Carregha

Script Supervisor: Sam Johnston

Production Coordinator: Adam Marseille

Art Director: Vanessa Bamford

Art Department Assistants:
Jaehee Pyun
Margherita Catalani
Daniel L.Martin
Lewis Keeling

Costume/Wardrobe: Kelsea Locke

Head of Hair & Make Up: Andy Dacre

Hair & Make Up Artists:
Andy Dacre
Carly Barnes
Julia Brickley
Sabrina Tait

Camera Operator: Frank Twum

Focus Puller:
William Spark
James Pratt
Ella Brewin

Joe Armstrong
Ella Brewin
James Pratt
Frances Farrel Oscroft

2nd Unit Camera Operator: Ella Brewin

2nd Unit Camera Focus Puller: James Pratt

DIT : Priya Panda

Gaffer: Dean Andersson

Spark: Matthew Bates

Visual Effects – Oliver Wozny

Color Grading: Gian Pottieri

Sound Recordists:
Lisa Pigott
David Fenton James
Liam Gilchrist
Sungjun Youn

Boom Operators:
David Fenton James
Tyler Gordon

Stills Photographer:
Stephen & James Hogg
Sydney Taylor
Marios Tsipos

Runner :
Chenfeng Zhu
Kurt Ryan

Driver: James McLoughlin

Alina C. Del Ángel
Megan Anderson
Sara Gambara
Diara Diakoumpa
Sungjun Youn
Margherita Catalani


Bradford City Council
Keighley and Worth Valley Railway
The Cabinet of Curiosities
Haworth Hawksbys
Antiques at the Mill
Leeds Model Railway Society
Hall Green, West Lane and St Michael & All angels Church, Haworth
American School of Acting
Deirdre and Bryan Bounds
Iris Johnson & Jayne Johnson
Leo McDonnell & Catherine Brayshaw

Special Thanks

Gambara Family
Eva Noß-Kirsch
Sarah Kuckelkorn