Gonella Productions

Gonella Productions



LANGUAGE: Norwegian | SUBTITLES: English

Bathtub by the sea

Genre: Drama
Running Time: 14 min 46 sec.
Year of production: 2018


Gunnar is living a routine life at the lighthouse. One day a mermaid comes in with the tides, and his routine life is getting challenged.


Production Company: Gullskrinet AS
Film exports/World sales: Gonella Productions


Viggo Solum
Anne Cecilie Ukkelberg


Director: Ole-André Rønneberg
Screenwriter: Ole-André Rønneberg
Producer: Ole-André Rønneberg
Director of Photography: Tor Sivertstøl
Sound: Lars Nikolay Riksheim
Editing: Skafti Gudmundsson
Sound Editing: Jonas Høgseth
Music Composer: Daniel Herskedal


Genre: Drama
Sub-genre: Comedy - Fantasy
Language: Norwegian
Country of origin: Norway
Year of production: 2018
Total running time: 14.46
Shooting format: 4K
Color type: Color
Aspect ratio: Scope
Sound format: Stereo (5.1 on DCP)


(2019 - 2021)

1. Prato film festival – Best international short film
2. Cellu L’Art Short film festival – The audience award
3. Geelong International Film festival – Best bi-character
4. Reelheart International Film festival – Best short film, 2. Place
5. Mequinenza International Film Festival – Best international short film
6. Planos Film festival – Best cinematography, Honerabel mention, best score
7. Great Message International Film Festival – Winner, best screenplay
8. Couch Film Festival – nominated best director


(2019 - 2021)

1. West Nordic International Film festival
2. Nancy International Film Festival
3. Blue sea film festival
4. Indie Lincs
5. Cluj Shorts
6. Intercontinental Film festival
7. Prato Film festival
8. Cellu L'Art short film festival
9. Myrtle Beach IFF
10. Paleochora Lost World Short Film Festival
11. Skepto IFF
12. Aartaler, Kortzfilmtage
13. Beeston Film festival, Nottingham
14. One country one film
15. Doc Sunback film fest
16. Deptford Cinema Film festiva
17. Thess Int. Film festival
18. Geelong Int. Film festival
19. Unknown film festival
20. Reelheart Int. Film festival
21. Aqua Film festival
22. Fusion - South Europe int.FF
23. Working title Film festival
24. Indy Film fest
25. Izmir Int. SFF
26. Albequerque Indie Film festival
27. St Louis IFF
28. Brest European short film festival
29. Arlington International Film festival
30. Norwich Film festival
31. Frankly film festival
32. Sherman Oaks
33. Buddha IFF
34. International Micro Film festival
35. Visioni Corte IFF
36. Marina del Ray FF
37. Mequinenza IFF
38. Planos film festival
39. Twin Tiers Film fest
40. Nuuk International Film festival
41. Elba Film festival
42. Short Form IFF
43. Sandpoint IFF
44. Cinefantasy Interntaional Fantastic Film festival
45. Great message International film festival
46. Vinilonga film festival
47. Malescorto
48. Couch film festival
49. Symi International Film Festival
50. Chambal International Film Festival