Gonella Productions

Gonella Productions



LANGUAGES: Portuguese | SUBTITLES: English

Genre: Drama
Running Time: 21min
Year of production: 2019


Renata is a middle-class woman, married and mother of two, who lives in a large Brazilian city. Between the twilight and the dawn of any day, she faces gender issues that are typical of today, materializing in pleasant and unpleasant moments, small dilemmas, feelings and emotions.


Production Company: Tempero Filmes
Film exports/World sales: Gonella Productions


Talita Braga (Renata)
Assis Benevenuto (Thiago)
João Araújo Moreira (Tomás)
Maíra Dias Olea (Fernanda)
Camila Costa (Michele)


Director: Leo Ayres
Screenwriter: Leo Ayres
Producer: Leo Ayres; Ana Amélia Arantes
Director of Photography: Diogo Lisboa
Sound: Giordano Lima
Editing: João Gabriel Riveres
Sound Editing: Guilherme Reis; Victor Jaramillo; Alexandre Jardim
Music Composer: Paulinho Sartori


Genre: Drama
Language: Portuguese
Country of origin: Brazil
Year of production: 2019
Total running time: 21 minutes and 19 seconds
Shooting format: HD
Color type: Color
Aspect ratio: 16x9
Sound format: stereo and 5x1


47o Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca - Competitiva Iberoamericana e MADRIFF –
Madrid Indie Film Festival (Espanha); Global India International Film Festival 2019 e
International Short Film Festival Pune India 2019 (India); Dumbo Film Festival (EUA);
Tychetainia Festival (Itália); FestCurtasBH - Competitiva Minas; Curta Cinema 2019 – Panorama Brasil; Festival Internacional de Itabaiana – Mostra Paralela; 3a Mostra Sesc de Cinema - Panorama Estadual MG (Brasil), 15º Festival Taguatinga de Cinema – Mostra Seleção Popular.


Leo Ayres is a journalist, has a Master's Degree in Arts and specialization in Film and TV Direction by Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV de San Antonio de Los Baños (EICTV), in Cuba. His work as a director includes the short films "Delivery" (awarded at the Gramado Festival), "The Miracle of the Bar" (awarded at the Gramado and Campinas Festivals), "Station Bar " (selected for festivals such as "It’s All True” and “Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano ”- Cuba, among others), "Los Blanco" (selected by the program "CurtaDoc") and "Aurora" (selected for the "International Film Festival of Huesca "- Spain, FestCurtasBH, Curta Cinema, among others), in addition to the feature film "Dual City" (selected for CineOP - Ouro Preto Film Festival). As an Executive Producer, he was responsible for the production of the feature “Faith and Fury” (2019), shown at IDFA - “International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam” and at “Festival do Rio”; the documentary series “Diaries about the body” (2017) and the telefilm “The battles of faith” (2017); the fictional feature “The Watchman” (2017), the first Brazilian co-production with the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.