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During a peculiar tour bus to Mekong Delta, 50-year-old Mdm.Tam bumps into her high school sweetheart. She's hopeful for a chance of reconciliation, but maybe he's not.

Original Title: Thiên đường gọi tên
Year of production: 2020
Length: 15min
Country: Vietnam
Shooting Format: HD
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1​
Dialogue: Vietnamese

Director: Linh Duong
Producer: Nguyễn Mai Ka
Production: Widewall Studio
Writer: Linh Duong
Cinematographer: Ngô Minh Nghĩa
Editor: Diệu Linh
Sound Designer: Teo Wei Yong
Cast: Vũ Thị Chung, Phạm Thị Oanh, Lê Mạnh Bảo


Locarno Film Festival - Pardi di domani, 2020 - World Premiere, Medien Patent Verwaltung AG Prize
Bosphorus Film Festival 2020, Turkey
Zinebi International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao 2020, Spain
Singapore International Film Festival 2020
Curta Cinema - Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival 2020, Brazil
London Short Film Festival 2021, UK
Portland International Film Festival 2021, USA
Filmfest Dresden - International Short Film Festival 2021, Germany
Akbank Short Film Festival 2021, Turkey
Moscow International Film Festival 2021, Russia
Short Waves Festival 2021, Poland
ShorTS - International Film Festival 2021, Italy
​Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival 2021, Greece
Reggio Calabria FilmFest 2021, Italy - Best Cinematography Award
Zanzibar International Film Festival 2021, Tanzania
Kyiv International Short Film Festival 2021, Ukraine
Molise Cinema Film Festival 2021, Italy
​Anonimul International Independent Film Festival 2021, Romania
Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival 2021, Brazil
Festival Silhouette 2021, France
​​​Kino Otok – Isola Cinema International Film Festival 2021, Slovenia
SESIFF - The Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival 2021, South Korea
Minikino Film Week 2021, Indonesia
DC Shorts International Film Festival 2021, USA
​​​Visioni Corte International Short Film Festival 2021, Italy
Linz International Short Film Festival 2021, Austria - Best Short Fiction Film Award
​​Zsigmond Vilmos International Film Festival 2021, Hungary
​FEST - New Directors/New Films Festival 2021, Portugal
"Camera Action" Film Critics Festival 2021, Poland
Drunken Film Fest Oakland 2021, USA
Women Make Waves International Film Festival 2021, Taiwan
New York City Short Film Festival 2021, USA


My obsession with death and the afterlife journey started when I realized how my mother had become so old and fragile. After hearing her regrets, sufferings and unfulfilled wishes in life, I developed this crazy wish where she can get all the happiness she wanted in life whilst her soul is on its journey to heaven.
As I was researching for this film, Mekong River became an important element in this story. Most known as a popular touristic destination in Vietnam, the documentation of the river is my way or memorizing Vietnam and its peculiar mass tourism. I have been to the river at least 4-5 times over the past 10 years, and the tour itself - as we saw in the film - has not changed at all. There was such uncanny resemblances between the tour’s destinations to Vietnamese beliefs of a soul’s journey after death that intertwined together.
Along a muddy river where the souls sail through, around a temple fire where souls are cleansed of their life’s memories, ending it all with a stairway guiding souls towards, perhaps, eternity.