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Title of the film - ASYLUM PARK
Original title - ASYLUM PARK
Title in English - ASYLUM PARK
Name of the director Shanu Sharma
Country of Production India
Country of Shoot Germany
Year of production 2017, July
Running time 19 mins 40 secs
Film Category - Experimental Documentary


Sometimes the war is not just outside, but also inside… An Indian girl sobs quietly in a park, trying to hide away her pain. An unknown Muslim Gambian man who approaches her, sensing her desperation, proposes a sinister deal in exchange for help. The weak typically attack the weaker, but there is a catch here. The proverbial man - woman, give and take situation is not the one that can be fulfilled by her for more reasons than one; for it is the exact same reason why she is unable to go back to her country, back to her orthodox parents and the oppressive systems of society in India. His life is not easy either, having no permanent residential permit here, trying to flee from the oppressive dictatorship in his homeland. Once past her judgement and fear of a black man, she is able to find the common thread of pain in two human beings and the desperate urge to flee one’s homeland and do anything it takes. Will they be able to make choices to have a life of their own making and find a home in Deutschland - Asylum Park is a poignant look at the immigration crisis that is currently gripping Europe from the point of view of people of colour, that are easily distinguishable in the crowd, making them vulnerable to prejudices. The attempt is to question terms such as - ‘Immigrants’, ‘Muslim’, Black’, ‘Gay’ in the context of today and understand that there are people in the world who still fight for basic rights to live a life of their choices. It is a look at the human condition cloaked in stereotype and judgement, which is fighting the ‘US and THEM’ mentality in society and the world at large.