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“All" is the interface to artificial reality, created to provide its users with the most sublime experiences they can imagine. When one of them touches the limits, he discovers that freedom is not the promise, but the price.


All. Artificial reality for real people has arrived. This is a prosthesis that replaces all the technology we use with a red sphere linked to our hand and connects us with our networks and activities, everything flows, everything converges. Or maybe not; All is equivalent to isolation. Our Man knows it, with many doubts and tired of trying this technology he´ll look for a way out just after collide with the space where he lives. His search for answers will lead him to do things he never imagined. Now his only goal is to break free of All and out of his confinement.


Original Title: Artificiall
Genre: Fiction
Sub.genre: Sci-Fi
Lenguage: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Country of Origin: Bolivia, Colombia
Year of Production: 2020
Running Time: 10:38 min.
Shooting Format: Digital 2K
Color Type: Color
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Sound Format: Stereo


Writer/Director: Simón Avila Benavides
Main Producer: Simón Avila Benavides
Field Producers: Natalia Ordóñez, Carlos Sánchez, Gina Parra
DOP: Daniel Moscoco
Art Director: Lorena Riaño
Editing: Julián Mejía
Color Correction: Diego Dibarboure
Sound & Sound Editing: Jorge Bahamón, María Andrea Serrano
Music: Advent Chamber Orchestra


Contact: Simón Avila Benavides
Film exports/World Sales: Gonella Productions


Anderson Hernández; Sara Corrales; Camilo Herrera


Simón Avila Benavides. Bolivian Scriptwriter / Director. He has graduated as a Communication Psychologist emphasizing his profession in audiovisual arts. In 2018 he took film directing workshops at Congo Films School in Colombia. There he collaborates in the writing and production of several short films, in addition to directing 3. Among them his first fiction short film; Temporal (8´), which has participated in several international festivals including the Short Film Corner of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival and was the winner of the award for best short film at the 15th Bolivian International Human Rights Film Festival. It is currently broadcast on the ShortsTV network worldwide and distributes its short films, Artificiall (10 ') and Chamán (6') with the support of GONELLA PRODUCTIONS. He also prepares a first trilogy focused on the childhood and life of Bolivian children. Simón together with A MAR CINE aspire to produce films with high social and culturally relevant content from Bolivia.