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24-year-old lifelong best friends, Sarah and Addie meet early morning at their regular coffee shop. Both musicians, Addie is attempting to release solo albums while Sarah works as a music teacher at Fairview primary school. Sarah confronts Addie about why she has been distant lately and Addie explains that she is making changes in her life: she is getting rid of Toby and just got a job at Stomping Records. Sarah is not convinced that their conversation is all about Toby. It becomes heated in front of (and with) other patrons as Addie and Sarah bring up unresolved issues from their twenty-year friendship, while fighting over popular 80's songs. The 15-minute coffee shop scene was shot on three cameras simultaneously in one continuous take.

Film Credits

Anzjuli Venter as Sarah
Tanya Hendy as Addie
David de Miguel as Adam

Tessa Hawkins as Waiter
Jack Walker as Patron/groupie
Laura Boschetti as Patron/groupie
Clare Regan as Groupie

Maryanne Niceforo

Produced by
Tanya Hendy and Maryanne Niceforo

Written by
Tanya Hendy

Andrew Faram Director of Photography
Kas Kalami First Assistant Director
Darian Jones Camera Operator
Alfred Rajasekar Sound Mixer
Stewart Fairweather Gaffer
Paul Theobald Graphic Designer
Jordana Hansen Hair and Make-up

Thank you
Shane Savage, Philip Asaad, Adem Aquila, Nam Le, Severine Gasque and Westerly, Kingsville, VIC, Australia.

Trailer: Jasmin Brough

Technical Details

Country: Australia
Length of film: 15 minutes 50 seconds
Date of completion: 16 November, 2019
Format: 1920 x 1080 Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)
Size: 5.2GB

List of Festival Selections

Canada Shorts 2019 – Official Selection and Award of Commendation
Los Angeles Indie Short Fest 2019 – Official Selection, October