Gonella Productions

Gonella Productions



LANGUAGE: Spanish | SUBTITLES: English

Genre: Drama
Running Time: 14:32
Year of production: 2019


SPA: Un hombre desempleado, que vive en una pequeña pensión alquilada en el centro de Bogotá, busca conseguir dinero para comprarle un nuevo tanque de oxígeno a su padre que sufre de una enfermedad pulmonar crónica. Intentará conseguirlo por todos los medios enfrentándose a la adversidad de la ciudad y poniendo a prueba sus propios límites éticos y morales.

EN: An unemployed man, who lives in a rented pension in Bogotá, seeks money to buy an oxygen tank for his father who suffers from a chronic lung disease. He will try to achieve it by all means, testing his own ethical and moral limits.


Production Company: Cuboto Films
Film exports/World sales: Gonella Productions


Director: Altair Duque Toro
Screenwriter: Altair Duque Toro
Producer: Laura Verónica Muñoz – Juan Pablo Val De Blanquez
Director of Photography: Nicolas Bello
Sound: Manuela Bacca Castañeda – Jaly Nikkolai Santamaría Gonzalez
Editing: Altair Duque Toro
Sound Editing: Jaly Nikkolai Santamaría Gonzalez


Genre: Drama
Language: Spanish
Country of origin: Colombia
Year of production: 2019
Total running time: 14:32
Shooting format: 2K
Aspect ratio: 2:35:1
Sound format: Estéreo


He was born in Medellin, Antioquia, in 1994. He studied primary school at La Pontificia Bolivariana and at the age of ten he went to live in Bogotá. Once there, he began his baccalaureate at the Liceo Age de Oro school and some years later he moved to Cajicá Cundinamarca to begin his university studies at the University of La Sabana. In 2014 he was part of "12 Angels" a documentary short film with which he won the award for best video editing at the FIA Fest university film festival. In the following years, he made several student short films such as Tempus Fugit with which he competed at the Villa de Leyva International Film Festival. In 2018, he completed a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia and he graduated presenting his project "Alas Negras". Nowadays, he works in a post-production company as an editor and he has participated in the assembly of pieces for advertising campaigns, music videos and other audiovisual products.